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MANGUEZAL / A Community of Startups / Recife/PE - BRAZIL

We are a community of startups to support collaborative practices and learning of technology, design and entrepreneurship across startup ecosystem in Recife.

Our main goals are: to promote high level discussions, events and a learning-by-doing educational programming to serve the needs of high-potential entrepreneurs and advance the startup ecosystem in Recife. To give visibility to our early-stage startups presenting them to angel investors and VC funds and also to estimulate exchange between Recife startups and others startups around the world.


Recife has been historically a crib for very good programmers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. For the past 20 years, we've been sending lots of engineers to companies like IBM and Microsoft and more recently to Google and Facebook. Despite of all this famous, we still have not made our chapter in internet history. We've lost good internet phases and simply watched companies like those above to be born and grow. Recife definitely needs to make more internet. Excitingly, Recife is now finally making some. Not only there are a lot of new entrepreneurs coming with different background education other than technology, but also the new tech guys are much more prepared and entrepreneurship is very often their first choice.

If you have a Startup and your product or service is MOSTLY CODED IN RECIFE, please fill out this form and let’s proudly show ourselves off for people everywhere to know what internet is made in Recife. Recife startups and their entrepreneurs need to be known.

MANGUEZAL is a open community, if you want to join just send us a pull request at our github repository:

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